Elsa Frozen Personalized 3D Wall Sticker Decal C179

$21.00 $17.00

4 sizes available:

1. REGULAR: 65x63 cm (25.5"x25" Inches)
2. LARGE: 90x88 cm (35.5"x34.5" Inches)
3. HUGE: 125x122 cm (49.5"x48" Inches)
4. GIANT: 165x162 cm (65"x63.5" Inches)

*Please make sure to add the desired personalized name in the comments section below.

*Some sizes come in several parts in order to make sure easy installation.


Easy to apply - Just peel & stick
Safe for walls
High-quality vinyl
Indoor use
International shipping
Made in Israel


Photos are for illustration purpose only
Make sure your wall is dust free - Clean with a dry cloth before applying
For newly painted walls wait 3-4 weeks before applying
Apply only to smooth surfaces
If air bubbles appear, push outside with a towel, or puncture with a pin


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